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This is a very comprehensive set of disc-burning and other related tools
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BurnAware Premium is the intermediate member of the industry-leading family of disc-burning tools. This program can burn all kinds of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs such as data discs, MP3 discs, audio CDs, video DVDs and so on. Besides, the program is full of extra features like direct disc-to-disc copy, multi-session and bootable discs creation, ISO images creation, data recovery and others.

With a classical user interface, whose visual design has not been improved at all from the previous versions, the program's main window acts as a main menu that allows you to select the tool you want to use. All the shortcuts to the included tools are classified into categories like data, multimedia, disk images, utilities and extra. This turns finding the right tool among the 18 available ones into a very easy task. Each tool, in turn, runs in a separate window.

The program tools have been designed with both beginners and experts in mind. While beginners can easily create data and MP3 discs, burn their movies and videos into DVDs and erase their re-writable discs, the expert users can additionally create custom discs by selecting their file systems from options like ISO 9660 or UDF, create bootable discs, create simple or bootable ISO images and burn them into blank discs, recover the data from corrupted discs or sessions, and more.

A very helpful tool you can find in the premium edition of BurnAware but not in its free edition is the direct disc-to-disc copy tool. Moreover, the Audio Grabber tool helps you extract the audio tracks from your audio CDs and save them in various formats, including WAV from this version of the program. Finally, all the available tools allow you to select the burning drive and speed.

To sum it all up, BurnAware Premium includes a very comprehensive set of disc-burning and other related tools that will let you never need other disc-burning suites, even if you are an expert or a system administrator. Although the most complete edition of BurnAware is the Pro one, the only functional difference between the Pro and the Premium editions of the program is that the Pro edition supports burning ISO images using multiple drives simultaneously.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive.
  • Includes 18 disc-burning and other related tools.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • The Audio Grabber tool now supports WAV format


  • Its visual design has not been improved at all from the previous versions.
  • You can only test the program for 10 days before requiring to buy a license
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